We believe in the future

We believe in the future, because we believe that the required change is within our grasp, if we can refocus minds, innovate and invest accordingly.

TFE Energy

We are a values-led, steward owned company.

We use digital technologies and hard-won practical experience of frontier markets to extract insights that allow our partners to make informed decisions.

Our work

Finding a path that can sustain us will take much more than rewiring our energy infrastructure or policy engineering. To respectfully embrace the promise of disruptive digital technologies requires a global perspective. This means unlocking frontier entrepreneurship, empowering rural consumers and evolving value transfer mechanisms.

Solving climate change cannot be left to engineers or politicians or businesses alone. It requires a much broader fusing of minds, and a much closer collaboration across countries.

We, at TFE Energy are optimists

We all know that we face a great, global climate challenge and that meeting it, is the defining struggle of our generation. We also know that, currently, we are not on the right path. That needs to change quickly.

It is a wonderful coincidence that the urgent need for low carbon solutions and for the provision of energy to billions of un- or under-electrified customers is met with a viability revolution in renewables and digitally enabled, distributed, small-scale energy technologies. It represents the opportunity of a lifetime for clean growth, for development and for a more democratic and participatory energy economy.

We work with

We have practical experience in the field, from developing industry leading roof-top solar business intelligence in India to award-winning energy access business models in rural Africa. We understand and thrive in emerging and frontier markets.

Our trend analyses put our collective knowledge and experience into practice to develop thought leadership for the market. We are informed by multiple data streams, for example Earth Observation intelligence, the experience of our network and the fundamental questions such what is the future of mobility and who owns the data anyway?

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We recognise the need for development to improve conditions for the billions of citizens of this planet who live in poverty and have so far contributed little to climate change. Cruelly, it is they who are most vulnerable to it.

We are also acutely aware that we need to find development routes that are financially attractive but less carbon intensive than those of the past. In fact, changing the trajectories of fast developing economies, whose future energy systems are still in the making, is a very promising approach.

We look at the climate challenge from the point of view of energy, but understand that it involves other, critical aspects of life as well, such as agriculture, water, mobility or architecture. We constantly explore their intersections with energy.


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